Dear friends

Following the invitation that we sent you, please find below detailed information on our wedding which will take place on:

How it'll be

  During the whole trip – beginning at Kursky Train Station, Moscow, at 1100 on Friday 9 July and ending on Sunday 11 July - you will be taken care of, fed and watered, from start to finish.  

  This includes transfers, special menus and dietary requirements, entertainers for the kids and entertainment (with great music) for the adults.
We ask you to complete the form below and indicate all your individual needs so that we can make sure that this wedding is not only special but also comfortable for you. By the way, all expenses, to, from and in Suzdal, are covered.  

What, where, when

The programme

9 July ‘An Unusual Journey’

All guests meet at Kursky Train Station in the VIP room. The organisers will greet us there with tickets and details of the trip. We depart for Suzdal at 1130.
Please don’t be late!!!

We arrive at Suzdal in the Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel. You will have a little time to go to your room and settle in. Then dinner will commence.

You are invited to a ‘bread and salt’ traditional fair, an interesting evening programme and lots of surprises. Don’t plan on finishing too early…

10 July ‘The Wedding’

Our open-air breakfast.
We have a full day of interesting events. You will find out what awaits you during the day at breakfast…

The Wedding Ceremony. Hurray, we are getting married. Thereafter, merriment until we drop

The evening programme continues. For those who have the stamina, we plan on partying until at least 0200, maybe much later…

11 July

From 07.00 Breakfast on the Green
Breakfast will probably merge into lunch...
People will start to depart for Moscow and beyond – we will arrange the necessary transfers


We have arranged a special entertainment programme for the kids (there will be lots of them) and so it will not be boring for any of the nippers.

They will play from dawn to dusk. We have a great menu for them and areas where they can dine and mess about.

A team of professional entertainers will be with them for the whole of the three days. Please also feel free to bring nannies if you want to, especially for the Little Ones.

We have the entire hotel (with good-sized grounds) to ourselves. The perimeter will be closed off to everyone else and we will arrange security, so we will have a secure space for us and the kids to enjoy.

The kids are welcome to join us for most of the main adult events.

However, for the Wedding Dinner itself the kids will have their own meal in their own space not far from the adult zone. They will of course have their own entertainment programme and constant supervision. Could those guests with Little Ones please think about the logistics of this so that we make sure that it is comfortable for everyone and we are not invaded by small people during the Wedding Dinner.


Dear friends!

People usually bring gifts and flowers to weddings.

We understand that our guests will want to make us happy with gifts and the likes.

However, what will make us happy is this:
please make our world a little better by selecting one of these charities to make a charitable donation:

  • Подари Жизнь
  • Дом с Маяком
  • Фонд Вера
  • Фонд обнаженные сердца
  • Фонд Хабенского
  • Save The Children
  • Medecins sans Frontieres
  • Oxfam

Or you can choose a Charity that is important to you personally.

We are waiting for you!


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